"I pretend I don’t care and I pretend that at times I don’t miss things about her but I sat and listened to the beginning of “Rihanna - We found love” and that’s how I felt in the relationship. Emma Ambrose will always be my first love, my first relationship and my first heart break. I thought to myself yesterday, will I ever find someone I can do things with the way I did with Emma, I was also thinking about the fact that as much as she hurt me at times I know she loved me and tried her best to look after and protect her smudge. She’ll never know that I still think she’s so special and even though I no longer love her and she’s no longer my princess there’s not a day that passes where I don’t think about her and sometimes it makes me smile and other times it makes me cry because she’s not here anymore"

— Monica Bramwell

"A grown man knows his place, and a grown woman plays her position."

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